2244 Tesla

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Places in Fenspace
2244 Tesla
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.814 AU, eccentricity 0.178
Year1723.77 days
Political AffiliationFoglios, Fenspace Convention
CapitalNew Hong Kong
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2244 Tesla is an asteroid in the Main Belt, discovered on 22 October 1952 and named after Nikola Tesla.

If you need a sidearm, Elyssa can get one for you... if you can find her in New Hong Kong.

The Foglios maintain New Hong Kong, a travelers' aid base on 2244 Tesla. The resident population is split evenly between the faction's Buck Godot and Sparks subgroups; the former are New Hong Kong's public face, while the latter maintain the base's systems. Unlike many such bases, New Hong Kong is open to anyone regardless of faction (or lack thereof); visitors are warned that There Are No Laws On New Hong Kong.[1]

The Sparks also maintain an emergency slip for the Sol Bianca on Tesla. It is unknown whether The Professor has ever used this facility.

Travellers[2] are often happy to learn that there's a Brubek's on New Hong Kong.


  1. Other than the ones that are set by the Fenspace Convention and enforced by the Space Patrol, but a fandom has to keep up appearances.
  2. The misspelling is intentional.