2462 Nehalennia

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Places in Fenspace
2462 Nehalennia
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.408 AU, eccentricity 0.142
Year1364.91 days
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention (was Boskonians)
GovernmentSpace Patrol (long-term crime scene investigation), working toward releasing the asteroid to the Crystal Millennium
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2462 Nehalennia is a Main Belt asteroid discovered on September 24, 1960 by Cornelis Johannes van Houten, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels.

The Black Senshi have had a small, insular settlement on Nehalennia (called, with a certain lack of imagination, Nehalennia) since before the founding of Crystal Tokyo. The residents claimed the other Senshi were too pollyannaish for their tastes, and they preferred to be left alone.

At least, that was what they said publicly.

In reality, the Nehalennia "Black Senshi" were actually "Dark Kingdom" Boskonians, and the settlement was one of the waystations of the thionite trade that was missed during Operation Great Justice. This was discovered by a group of bounty hunters, troubleshooters, and Panzer Kunst Gruppe specialists when they learned Naoko Sato was in charge of the asteroid.

The asteroid is now under the administration of the Space Patrol, who are working toward making it a law-abiding way-station in the Main Belt.


2462 Nehalennia is the setting for Cats Cradle