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The AMP is the internal police force of the Crystal Millennium. Their full name is "Attacked Mystification Police"[1] - while the name has unfortunate connotations, it was the only magical-girl police unit anyone could think of at the time.

Small, dedicated, and professional, they work well with the Space Patrol, Starfleet Security, the Ministry of Magical Law Enforcement, and other Fen police forces on matters of mutual concern.


AMP headquarters is located in Crystal Sapporo, where it takes up two levels of the city's rock underlayer. They do not have a separate academy, instead sending their raw recruits to the Space Patrol for training.

There are AMP precinct houses in all fourteen of the major Senshi cities, and at least minimal presences in other Senshi settlements and colonies.


The AMP is set up along much the same lines as the Space Patrol, but in a more compact organization.

AMP administration is handled by the Commissioner's Office, who also carry out formal inter-force liaison functions.[2] A small Logistics group backs up the Commissioner's Office. The current Commissioner is Tachibana Mikan, who has held the position since mid-2013.

Uniformed and Plainclothes officers are stationed in each precinct house. The number of officers in each precinct varies; Shin-Azabujuban (one of the smallest) employs four uniformed officers and one detective based in a single room in city hall, while Crystal Tokyo (the largest) employs thirty-two uniformed officers and six detectives based in six physical offices scattered throughout the city.

Support and Internal Affairs are both based in the Crystal Sapporo headquarters facility, with a secondary technical facility located in Bristol.

The Special Tactics unit is based in a classified location in Crystal Tokyo. There have only ever been four officers assigned to this unit: Angela Marks (team leader), Beatrix Bernadotte (the team's usual heavy-weapons specialist), Ella Hartmann (the team's usual hostage-rescue specialist), and Henriette Delacroix (the team's usual sniper). Questions as to whether these officers are more than human - or other than human - are routinely answered with "No Comment."[3]


  1. Copied from Silent Mobius.
  2. Informal inter-force liaison is carried out by all field officers, at the scene.
  3. However, determined investigation will reveal that all four have had basic Panzer Kunst training, which implies certain things about the squad members.