Adler class

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Spacecraft Registry
Adler class
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom Hull based on the Eagle Transport of Space: 1999
Length32 m
Mass350 tons
Drive Typereactionless drives
Drive Rating0.05c
Primary ManufacturerWhistler Services
Flag of Recordvaries
Registry Numbervaries
PurposeMulti Purpose space craft
Primary Crew2+
Operational StatusActive
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In late 2017 Whistler surprised Fenspace when they requested landing permission for Adler Eins and Adler Zwei at Moonbase Alpha, showing of their latest product to a not-completely-surprised public (they had called the press to Moonbase Alpha for a bigger story). Handing over the two Adler to the public of Moonbase Alpha, they announced that they would produce these craft for everyone who would want one or two of them.

Developed completely in secret, the Adler was the answer to a problem that plagued Fenspace since the end of the Boskone War. The lack of an standardized intermediate-sized space craft, as most vessels build during the War were either fighters or large scale craft. While Whistler and others offered container craft some people wished for something more rugged than a container.

Remembering Space: 1999 it was quickly decided that the Eagle from the series would be perfect for this job, especially since if could be outfitted with custom pods, which could be build from ISO containers. This in turn allowed the Adler to be used as small-scale transport using normal containers.

Whistler also decided to try and mass produce the Eagle by using as much hard tech as possible and only waving the essentials. As such the Adler class has only a low number of quirks and can be serviced without any handwavium handy.

Class Quirks

  • Every landing you can walk away from: From time to time an Adler will have a crash landing, but in 99.9% of these crash landings the only thing hurt will be the pride of the pilots and the Adler can launch again after resetting the engine controls.


  • Adler Eins of Moonbase Alpha has the worst history of crash landings of all Adler; it crashes about every two weeks. The crew has painted an image of Launchpad McQuack on the cockpit.