Adonis "Andy" McMurdo

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R. Adonis McMurdo
ResidencePrometheus Forge, Main Belt
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesAndy
EmployerA.C. Peters
ParentsA.C. Peters (mother)
RelativesKasumi (sister)
Greenpeace Crolis (sister)
Lebia Maverick (sister)
Shizuka Hayama (sister)

Primary writer: Cobalt Greywalker

Andy was made shortly after Kasumi, during A.C.'s initial manifestation of her wave quirks and as a counterbalance to Kasumi. Unfortunately, his 'statuesque' physique lives up to its description, being as it is far more solid than Kasumi's. In fact he can take most forms of gunfire and melee weapon impacts without damage, and seems pretty much immune to extreme temperature. This also means he walks around nude nearly all of the time, which is distracting and can get him in trouble in most places.

In public, he wears a kilt and leather sandals, playing to the Scottish accent he has. But, as a few adventurous Senshi have found to their embarrassment, only those. He is also the consummate charmer (something A.C. believes was put in to soothe her sensibilities from her change).

Adonis also possesses a highly developed sense of smell, which makes him popular with station security services. It has also led him to take up chemistry.


Looks like the model for Michelangelo's The Thinker crossed with an Ancient Greek Olympian.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • That's interesting...: Spends a lot of time contemplating ideas.
  • The names Bond. James Bond: Can be the ultimate charmer.
  • Where's my Periodic Table?: With his sense of smell, has become a reasonable and wide ranging chemist.

'Wavium Abilities

  • He's a work of art: 'Wave AI android.
  • <sniff> Lavender soap?: Has the sense of smell of a bloodhound.
  • <fha-whoosh!> Was that supposed to do something?: Pretty much immune to impact and temperature (see Quirks).


  • This is so freeing...: Usually walks around nude.
  • Aye lassie. This is how a man should be: If he has to wear something, it's usually a kilt and leather sandals. Just those.
  • Ah... Bonnie Scotland: Has a Scottish accent.

Known Associates

A.C. Peters, Kasumi, Greenpeace Crolis