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Here we provide a few suggestions for people who want to actually play games in this setting.

Full Adventures

Full adventures are rare on the ground here; the ideas tend to be turned into stories instead.

(Although, if your gaming group has a large tolerance for crossovers, there's always this idea for a full campaign... not that The Management at all endorses it.)

Adventure Seeds

These are "plotbunnies" (story ideas) that were never developed, collected from various Fenspace Forum posts.

Adventures in Babysitting Fen - When Fandoms Clash

For starting characters.

"Nobody leaves this station without singing the Blues."

"I wanna be Elwood!" Helen insisted.

Luna and the Jason traded exasperated looks. Kids these days...

While their parents are busy working, somebody has to look after the fenkinder. This is made more difficult by the fact that most environments in Fenspace are dangerous (if not fatal) to wander into unprotected. Culture clashes between fenkinder of one faction and babysitters of another faction are also possible complications, playable for laughs or for serious social exploration.

Rescue Mission

For combat-oriented characters.


Kelly always thought that one of the perks of running the Hotel Stellvia was the vacations; she got to visit exotic locations, see how the locals ran their hotels, and write the trips off as business expenses.

She wasn't thinking this trip was a perk.

She'd visited Colombo this time around, hoping to see the sights as well as the hotel. But a group claiming to be connected to the LTTE had taken her hostage, along with the rest of the tour group she was in. She'd barely had time to call her employer before her satellite phone was confiscated and she was put in a cage to be shown off as "an abomination to nature". The fact that they didn't mention Allah hinted they probably weren't really LTTE, but it didn't really matter who had taken them hostage.

She'd managed to keep her PDA, though... and her captors didn't know it had built-in 'Wave-Fi.


As soon as he lost the connection to Kelly, Noah told his staff to connect him with the closest heavy-reaction squad who were willing to work on Earth. He didn't have the forces he needed to rescue his employee, but that didn't change the fact that Stellvia Takes Care Of Its Own.

Now he was on a conference call.

"... her name is Kelly Harrison. You can't miss her; she biomodded as a bunny-girl. Literally - white fur, long ears, and for all I know maybe a powderpuff tail as well. She uses the same emergency squack frequency that everybody else on Stellvia uses; you can home in on that if she still has her PDA. I want her back here alive and unharmed. Rescuing the other hostages would be nice, too. Don't bother looking for her satellite phone; I sent it a self-destruct code five minutes ago. Do we have a contract?"

Obviously, the adventure is a hostage-rescue. Complications include the rescue taking place in a part of Earth where handwavium is frowned upon (many of the character's toys will be unavailable if they aren't smuggled in), the situation in the area (depending on when this takes place, there may be a civil war going on around the mission), and the highly-visible nature of the hostage (exfiltration may be difficult for espionage teams; special-ops teams will have less trouble).

It's ALIVE!!!

For horror games.

Handwavium can make an inert collection of wires and metal talk and move around of its own free will; look at all the fembots out there for proof. Imagine what it could do with - or to - a once-living body. Ritual works very well with handwavium, and zombies are (in fantasy fiction, anyway) often created by rituals. For a more technobabble justification, consider something similar to the Solanum virus from The Zombie Survival Guide. Either way, all one needs is one wack hougan with a supply of biomod guacamole, and the whole thing just gets weird...

Good Cop, Bad Cop

For law-enforcement characters.

A murder has been committed, and the Bailey Security Service is contracted by the victim's next-of-kin to investigate. The duly-appointed law-enforcement agents have to investigate the crime while putting up with the vastly different culture of the Baileys.

Alternately, if the characters are Baileys, the murder took place in Helium and the investigators have to work with Chief Inspector Natsuko Aki (who won't tolerate them going off half-cocked, the way so many PCs routinely do).

Identity Crisis

For any character.

"It's 106 AUs to 334 Chicago, we've got a full tank of handwavium, half a pack of Pocky, it's dark, and we're wearing fukus."

"Hit it."

What happens when a couple of well-meaning Fen are mistaken for Boskonians?

Quotes to Hang a Story on

One might be able to make a game session out of some of these (all sourced from this forum thread, which has many more)...

  • "I can get it for you, but I'm gonna need a pallet of Peach Nehi, a box of Milk Bones, and one of those headbands with the styrofoam balls on the ends of springs attached."
  • "On my sixteenth birthday, Mom and Dad finally let me visit Crystal Tokyo by myself."
  • "In my years as a Heavy Metal singer I've met many fans, but this this the first time I can say I've ever been inside one. This is Flying Heavy Metal, and I'm on the Space Shuttle Melchizedek."
  • "We were expecting the computer to wake up when we 'waved it. We weren't expecting it wouldn't want to work for us."
  • "Okay, I'm only going to ask this once: which one of you lunatics biomodded the wombat?"
  • "Of all the things you could have called yourself when you went into space, why did you pick 'Gemini Crickett'?"
  • "Just how do you people know all the quirks of something you just handwaved, anyway?"
  • "Okay, so maybe I should have made the operating instructions a bit more detailed, but how was I supposed to know that guy was just going to drink it?"
  • "Besides, with handwavium every single stunt in a Fast and Furious movie is 100% plausible."
  • "Hey guys? Was this arcology on our front lawn yesterday or is it new?"
  • "SS Olympia? you bought a cruise ship? Wait that says USS... you bought a WARSHIP!?"
  • "We've found something. Something big. Let's poke it with a stick to see what happens!"
  • "If it isn't funny to sneak wave into convention guac, and it isn't funny to sneak marijuana into brownies, what in the world makes you think it's funny to sneak catnip into the visiting catgirls' food supply?"
  • "Hey, did anyone else notice that the monolith has a coin slot?"