Alita Replica

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Alita Replica series
BornEinz 2012
ResidenceGrunthal, Mars
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationTraining assistants, reserve fighters
Years active2012 onwards
Service/branchPanzer Kunst Gruppe
ParentsDaisuke Edo
Alita Gally
Relatives12 AR-series sisters

The AR series are androids build by Daisuke Edo, based upon the original Alita, and using her memories and skills as a template. They were constructed at Alita’s request once she had perfected her Panzer Kunst technique, to help with training others. A unique modular design allows an AR to share parts with any other AR, aswell as to be easily repaired after sparring matches.

The AR series are of course naturally capable fighters on their own, and will occasionally join with the Gruppe they train with when it deploys in the field, though in general, do not operate on their own. In an emergency, they can deploy as their own Gruppe.

Needless to say, they each share Alita’s skill with Panzer Kunst, and her determination to do for themselves. They’re not forced to remain at Grunthal... it’s doubtful anyone could force them if they tried.

Each of them are simply named using their construction number in German. Einz, the first, is their de-facto leader and the eldest sister. The youngest is currently Zwolf, the twelfth to have been built.


Sisters of metal: Each AR series can share parts with any other AR. They’re all built to the exact same template.

My own Person!: A good way to get a good arse-kicking is to make the suggestion that an AR is 'merely' a copy of the original. Each of the AR series strives to be their own person, rather than ‘just a copy’.

Armoured Artist: Each AR is an expert in Panzer Kunst, having been programmed initially with Alita’s skill, and trained extensively.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do: They all have one characteristic in common... they all share Alita’s headstrong self-determination.

Handwavium Abilities

Steel Angels: Each AR is an android, with beyond human strength and reaction times. They don’t need to eat, sleep and will never age. In theory they are immortal. Unlike Alita, they know what they are.

Like changing clothes,: Each AR has three bodies. One for daily life, one for motorball and a ‘berserker’ body for combat. Switching between them takes about an hour with a competent tech. Normally Daisuke does it for her. In generall, these are the same as Alita's

  • Daily wear: In general, also the body preferred by the AR’s, though they change the hairstyle or colour as much as possible.
  • Motorballer:Sechs and Sieben prefer the motorball body.
  • Berseker: .Feunf prefers her berserker body, day to day. Drei and Elf refuse to use theirs.


Elf and Sieben are OF-5 troubleshooters, most often working on 74 Galatea.

Vier left Grunthal in 2017, joining Starfleet to make her own name.