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This isn't the Fenspace you're familiar with. It's not quite as blatantly magical, a little punkier, bigger in some ways and smaller in others. The 'Danelaw rules cislunar, there aren't any Fen factions like you know them, it takes a week or more to travel between Earth and Mars and the big new thing is the FTL engine that takes a mind-breaking two months to reach Alpha Centauri. Unless you're Fen, where the settlers of the outer system found an alien wormhole device out on a moon of Uranus, and crazy people go out and have adventures. Some of them even come back...

Mal-3, 12 February 2013

It's the Ronald D. Moore reboot. Darker, frackier, with complaints from the fanbase about popular and iconic characters from the original being gunned or changed completely and everything.

Dartz, 12 February 2013

Humanity is spreading into space, using both spacecraft that incorporate the relatively new (or is it?) "handwavium" technology and the recently-discovered "Oberon Gate." The Gate is in the hands of "The Convention," a group of science-fiction fans who influence Earth socially, while another group of spacefaring people are using humanity's first FTL drive to establish a presence in the Alpha Centauri systems. Many of the transhumanist's dreams have been achieved, including Cybernetic Intelligence. It's an exciting time to be alive.

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