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This page is written or contains material written in the metafictional (or OOC) voice. This material may contain spoilers, Easter Eggs, or other data not generally known in the world of Fenspace. The reader is duly warned. -The Mgt.
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This is what happens when the Fenspace moderator, on an extended sick call, overdoses on Harry Turtledove novels and starts thinking "this is all very interesting, but what would happen if the Fen got involved?"

That's it, really. That's the entire origin story right there.


  • Intro: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Multiverse (But Were Afraid To Ask)
  • Part One: Shift Happens
  • Part Two: Culture Clash Ain't Just The Name Of A Band
  • Interlude Minus One: Send In The Clowns
  • Part Three: Devils, Deals and Draka, Oh My!
  • Part Four: The Shift Hits The Fan
  • Interlude Minus Two: I Blame Society
  • Part Five: War Is Bad For Children And Other Living Things
  • Part Six: There Is No Part Six

(and so on, until we reach an end)

Dramatis Personae

A list of the various Usual Suspects, new characters, TL-191 characters, and so on, for the amusement & edification of new readers.

The Fenspace Contingent

The Guys at the Top

General Mal Fnord
As part of a long-term plan to bring the rest of Fenspace over to the Revolution, Mal’s invested a lot of the Soviet Air Force's resources into building up important interfactional linkages. The sudden ISOTing of TL-191’s warring brothers into his world has upset some of those plans, but not as many as you might think.
Christopher Marsden
Chris is the second member of the triumvirate, filling the Stalin slot in the Fen command structure. This is a little uncomfortable for Chris, since he’s a lifelong, die-hard Republican. Still, as CEO of Greenwood, Unlimited (the second-largest corporate combine in the Solar System) he packs both a lot of clout Downstairs and in the Main Belt, which is where 90% of Fenspace’s material resources are located. Chris considers himself an American patriot, which makes the whole ISOT business very, very personal for him.
Captain Benjamin Rhodes
Ben rounds out the Fen triumvirate for this crisis. He runs a Teddy Roosevelt-themed paramilitary group called the Roughriders out of an asteroid in the Main Belt. The youngest of the group, and also the most reckless, Ben is here less for his tactical abilities or resources and more so the more sober Mal and Chris can keep him from going loose-cannon.
Noah Scott
Usually one of the more active of the SMOFs in a crisis, Noah isn't taking part in the integration of the TL-191 United and Confederate States into the Fenspace timeline. Instead, he's spearheading a team on a possibly-quixotic quest to find the USA that belongs in Fenspace and at least bring his family's relatives back home. He's also volunteered to be the public face of the team rising to the crisis, so that random Fen have somebody to yell at without upsetting the people who are doing the “real work.”

The People who Actually Do the Work

Eljay “Vulpine Fury” Goddard
As a member of the Supers faction and a resident of the Lunar dome city of Kandor, Eljay has chosen to undertake his civic responsibility to his faction by “donning the cape” as a public relations and propaganda stunt.
Bob Schroeck
Bob and the Grover’s Corners folk are among the few true Generalist SMOFs, trying to be the middle path among the extremes whenever possible. Bob himself is given toward the flamboyant and overdramatic, despite being a rather cautious person, and is usually the SMOF most in favor of grand gestures intended to intimidate and frighten the enemy.
Jet Jaguar
A cyborg of the Panzer Kunst Gruppe, and leader of the Engel Gruppe. The result of an unfortunate choice of storage container for unused handwavium, Jet is essentially, her own spacecraft. By the time of the story, Jet has been with the Panzer Kunst for four years, and could well be one of the most effective individual fighters in Fenspace. (Jet's partner, Ford Sierra, has been with her for nearly three years. Jet trusts her with her deepest secrets about her own origins.)
Jeph Antilles
The man in charge of Jupiter Mining Corporation, Jeph is basically responsible for a large amount of the shipping of vital supplies back and forth in Fenspace, particularly in the region of the outer planets.
Honami Takase Ambler
The new girl in Fenspace (literally - she was built and initially activated after the event), Honami is an android designed to process magical information left behind after a visit from some extradimensional travelers. Pity her builders crammed too much into her databanks, and gave her a bad case of cinematic-style multiple personality disorder. Honami is the project lead for Noah Scott's efforts to bring the lost locals home.

The New Neighbors

(to be added)



The Monkey-Wrenches

Everybody who was in (or connected to) Fenspace before the big switcheroo, but isn't on-board with The Plan.

(to be added)

The Draka

(boo! hiss!)

The Out-Timers

(Maico, Mohammed, and anyone they bring in)