Anastasia Alistair

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Anastasia Alistair
Anastasia Alistair.jpg
Bornsome time in 1995
NationalityFenspace Convention

Open Character, based on the notes provided by the artist

Anastasia Alistair is a young woman with no family, and her basic story would easily convert over: She was found, wandering dazed and aimless, in more rural area of Massachusetts when she was 16. She was forcibly exposed to handwavium before that, but has either had the memories removed or successful repressed all of the memories from before she was 17, when she woke up from her catatonic state in the hospital.

She's a Generalist – honestly, she thinks the concept behind the Factions is a little silly. But, if they're willing to fight for their beliefs, that's all that truly matters, so they can be as silly as they want. But, now she's, technically, one of them, so she'll do her best to play nice and not rock the boat too much.

Anastasia has a biomod of some sort, according to the scanners, but nobody yet knows what it is.