Andrew Fauho

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Andrew Fauho
ResidenceCrystal Kyoto
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicitySenshi, Furries
CitizenshipCrystal Millennium
EmployerCrystal Academy and Boarding School

Primary Writer: LilFluff

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • No I don't want to yiff, y'perv - Andrew may be a furry, but that does not translate into the 'hump anything that moves' stereotype that many, even among the fen, expect
  • It's an honorable weapon... – Back in college he took fencing and enjoyed it a great deal. Since then he has picked up a variety of melee weapons.
  • ...but who said this was a knife fight? - Which is not to say Andrew won't use a gun if it makes sense. He even tries to get at least one day of practice in each week with his favorite single shot target pistol.
  • Mind and Body - After letting his body go for a few years out of college Andrew became serious about his health. Starting up a program combining T'ai Chi, a return to fencing, and meditation.
  • Almost, give it one more try... - While some may wonder what moment of insanity made him agree to teach and coach kids, he does enjoy helping others learn and improve themselves. Some might even say he's good at it.

'Wavium Abilities

  • What? Did you think I was born like this? - Andrew is actually a limited shape shifter, although many people don't realize this. He took his time learning what he could about wavium induced biomods and then sought out the assistance of a member of anime fandom who had helped a few catgirls gain their new bodies. He was aiming for the ability to shift on demand between an anthro-fox and human, and in a sense he can. It's just that the shift either way takes as much as 48 hours (he can push the shift faster, at the cost of increasing the severity of the side effects) and leaves him feeling like he has combined the flu with a little pummeling. After a few failed attempts to avoid the complications with medicines, he now avoids the complications by shifting as seldom as possible.


  • Baka! How many tails do you count back there? Despite being an anime fan he tends to become annoyed when people think he's trying to be a kitsune. You can only hear so many jokes about 'kitsune balls' before they become very, extremely, annoyingly old.
  • Sorry, still looking for Miss Right - Andrew doesn't merely violate other peoples expectation of a sexually loose furry, he is in fact celibate. Some of it is religious and some of it just the set of life rules he has made for himself. But pushing him on the matter is a quick way to make sure you aren't Miss Right.
  • These are expensive, I can't just toss them! - A side effect of the wavium transformation means that he's no longer nearsighted. Which bleeping well bugged the bleep out of him since he'd dropped a good deal of money on some custom made pince-nez glasses. He has replaced the prescription lenses with slightly tinted non-prescription lenses. One of these days he hopes to get some sort of wavium enhancement done to them, but he hasn't decided just what to try for yet.
  • Bleep is so a perfectly fine expletive - As are drat, darn, crud, Michigan, politician, and many other fine euphemisms. Oh her certainly drops some real four letter words at times. When you do hear one, you know he really truly means it. He isn't one to spoil the shock and cathartic value of a real expletive through over use.


Senshi (and to a degree the highly fractured and split among other factions Furries)