Andy Cramer

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Andreas Cramer
BornJanuary 17, 1955(1955-01-17)
Huntsville, AL
ResidenceApollo/SkyLab Complex
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesAndy
EducationMechanical Engineering
United States Navy SEAL training
Alma materUnited States Naval Academy
Years active2013-date
EmployerSpace Patrol
RankLieutenant Commander, USN (retired)
TitleChief Officer, Space Patrol Section 6
Predecessorposition created
MissionsBoskone War

Andy has always been interested in space, no wonder with his city of birth. Born as the son of the owner of small metal workshop, he got to grow up with rockets and space all around him.

However, Andy eventually ended up getting into the US Navy, eventually being accepted into the Navy SEALs where he served for six years before an accident that got him out of active duty. Returning to a civilian life soon afterwards, he took over his fathers metal workshop and expanded it into a rather lucrative little company.

In 2000 a larger company bought Andy's company, making him settle down and with a few friends started to build an exact copy of the Apollo Service and Command Modules after getting his hands on the complete construction plans in 2001.

Originally meant to be sold to the US Space and Rocket Center, the Apollo became a viable spacecraft with the application of handwavium, and the crew made it to space in late 2011, where they sparked off the Minimalist Spacers.

During the Boskone War, the Apollo joined Operation Great Justice, through they were only busy with logistics until they got their first recon mission that ended in a disaster and the Apollo captured.

However, Andy managed to take out a smaller Boskone Base, but only after a catgirl transformation, thankfully before mindwiping was integrated into the Catgirling Machine. It gave her some dragging rights through.

Andy is very irritated to be a very sexy catgirl however, especially since someone told her that she looks looks like Hild[1] with cat ears and tail and she looked it up.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Badass Normal: ex-Navy SEAL, so the "normal" is a question...
  • Hand me that tube: Capable mechanical technician

Handwavium Abilities

  • Where is that damned cat?: Rather stealthy, even more after the catgirl conversion
  • Sentinel: Andy's senses are even more heightened than those of most other catgirls
  • Titan Flex: Veeeeeery flexible in a "it's not supposed to bend like that" way.

Mundane Quirks

  • The Grump: There is still the mind of a 60 year old (2015) male in that young catgirl body and as such Andy can be rather gumpy at times.


  • Dat Ass...: Makes most people with an anime based biomod nosebleed in the least useful moment, and some normal just stare
  • I'm too sexy for my shirt: Andy gets very uncomfortable in any clothing that is not either 1) very sexy or 2) based on space flight history. So she mostly gets around in Apollo era NASA coveralls.
  • I see red: Andy's eyes glow red when enraged or very irritated. Do not cross when her eyes glow red.
  • Click Lock: While it seems to counter Titan Flex, this quirk comes into play when Andy does not in anyway need full flexibility. Basically her right foot locks up (sometimes audibly) and can't be moved until she needs to be flexible again. It makes her limp, so she needs to use a cane (which had a solid battle steel core and can be used as nightstick).
  • Female so what?: Andy got used to being female rather quickly and without the many problems other forced catgirls have gone through. Some of the shrinks in Space Patrol thing that Andy may have been transsexual without realizing it, but no one is brave enough to tell her.


Andy Cramers is featured in the following stories:


  1. from Ah My Goddess!, adult version sans markings