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BornSS Sophistical Elenchi
ResidenceSS Sophistical Elenchi
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityCanadian (AI)
ParentsF (father)

Primary Writer: Brian Webb

Aristotle is the name the AI that awoke in the Sophistical Elenchi chose for herself. Once that was settled she proceeded to appoint herself F's minder, as he so clearly needed one, and helped him get the Elenchi finished and launched.

'Wavium Abilities

  • It Costs At Least 30 Points In 4th Ed: As an AI Ari doesn't need air, food or sleep.


  • Practically Perfect In Every Way: Ari claims not to have any quirks, flaws or anything similar.
  • Obey The Fist: Ari can come across as somewhat overbearing at times, this is mostly because she spends a lot of time keeping F on track and focused, more or less.



Preferred Transport

The Sophistical Elenchi

Known Associates

  • F, the Elenchi's creator and captain.


  • Ari is not certain if she is tied to the hardware on the Elenchi or not. She is understandably reluctant to experiment with this. However, adding new hardware to her existing systems does not seem to change her.
  • Ari is a fan of Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary and is trying to get F to build her a remote similar to what Ennesby has. He stingily refuses to cannibalize his HP-48G calculator to do so.