Articles of Convention

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Stripped of the legal verbiage, the Articles of Convention are quite simple:

  • Don't kill anyone.
  • Don't enslave anyone.
  • Don't rape anyone.
  • Don't rob anyone.
  • Generally, don't be a dick & first do no harm.

Stray away from that, you're an outlaw. Band together with other sociopaths, you're Boskonian.

The Convention sets the Rule of International Law, which when you have effective "nations" of one in your confederation is very important. It's based heavily on the laws and ethics of the six major factions (since they've got the people, guns & butter to back it up), with input from the more-organized minor factions (like the Pulpers, Heinleinians, and Supers) and very small groups with heavy political or economic clout (such as Grover's Corners, the Island, the Soviet Air Force, and Stellvia Corporation).

This means the Articles of Convention are based, by and large, on a somewhat romanticized interpretation of Western liberal law, which is what most of the people in Fenspace grew up under.

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