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ResidenceFateful Lightning
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityGreek (AI)
OccupationEngineer and Weapons Officer, Fateful Lightning
ParentsThe Jason ("father")
RelativesClotho, Lachesis, Fate (sisters)

This article is about the character. For the Sailor Armed Militia ship, see Atropos (ship).

Atropos, like her Sisters Clotho, Lachesis, and Fate, started out as a high-end computer system that The Jason filled with as much lore on the Greek Fates as possible - including stories about them from modern SF/fantasy. She also got a complete set of the Ah! My Goddess! shows, and whatever data he felt was needed for engineering and weaponry. The Jason was deliberately hoping to wake all four of the Sisters as AIs, and tried to set the stage as much as possible beforehand.

Atropos is in charge of the Workshop and Garage. She's usually in charge of the bigger drones aboard the Fateful Lightning, and is the weapons officer for the ship. Personality-wise, she comes across as someone's grandmother, and her voice is based off a filker friend of The Jason, Juanita Coulson.

One major quirk of hers is that she plays the stock market - fortunately, penny stocks. Still, she's rather good at it. The Jason suspect she has Fate's help.

When appearing as a holographic entity (after mid-2014), Atropos... is not pretty, at least not in the traditional sense. Lean and wiry, with a weathered and wrinkled face, she's probably in her sixties or so. But if not pretty, she's definitely striking - in her youth, she might have been called handsome. She wears her iron-grey hair cut short, and her expression tends to make one think she brooked no nonsense, though there were definite laugh lines among the wrinkles. She wears a grey jumpsuit, and has a tool belt with a hammer and wrench showing... as well as a pair of scissors prominently displayed. Atropos is definitely based on the old mage-smith that became the sword Need in Lackey's books - appropriate, since Juanita Coulson was the voice for the sword in several filksongs about Need.