Aubrey class

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Spacecraft Registry
Aubrey class patrol vessel
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullcustom
Primary ManufacturerTakeuchi Shipyard, Mare Marginis, Luna
OwnerSailor Armed Militia, Crystal Millennium
FactionCrystal Millennium
PurposeSearch & Rescue
Primary CrewCaptain / Pilot
EVA / Rescue Specialist
Supernumerary (trainee)
Operational StatusActive
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The Aubrey class of Search & Rescue patrol vessels is named after the fictional Captain Jack Aubrey, from the Aubrey and Maturin series of novels written by Patrick O'Brian. Ships in the class are named after ships commanded by Aubrey in those novels: as of the end of 2014, the Sophie, Polychrest, Surprise, Boadicea, and Leopard have entered service, with the Ariel and Worcester still under construction.

There is some competition to be posted to an Aubrey - these are seen by the majority of Sammies as the sort of ship that the Militia should be flying. The on-the-job training offered as a matter of course aboard an Aubrey makes a posting to one of this class doubly-appealing to many younger Sammies fresh out of high school.

Construction of Aubrey class ships was suspended during the Boskone War because resources were diverted to constructing the Hornblower class cruisers. Sophie, Polychrest, and Surprise were all built before the war; Boadicea and Leopard were built afterward.

The medical bay on an Aubrey-class is equivalent to an ambulance. They also carry "International Rescue" style search and rescue gear. Aubrey-class weaponry is point-defense style, so the ship can get in, make the rescue and get back out - if heavier action is expected, a Hornblower class cruiser goes along to provide cover fire.