Babylon .5

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Spacecraft Registry
Babylon .5
Babylon .5.png
One of the observation decks on Babylon .5
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullMined out/modified asteroid
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive Ratingprimarily Station-keeping
OwnerWing and a Prayer Enterprises (WaaPE, pronounced 'whap')
Flag of Recordnominally Canada
FactionFivers, Generalists
Registry NumberSP-B.5
Launchedn/a (Refit completion and christening date, Aug 15 2009)
Purposeresidential, some agriculture and manufacturing, radio station (SFAN)
Primary CrewCommander Susan Ivonova (Station AI and majordomo)
Other CrewSimon Jones (SFAN owner/morning show host)
David Ripley (a Dresden Files fen who makes a living as a P.I.)
Sam Rennison (owner/operator of 'Sam's Place' restaurant)
Porky (an accidentally biomodded pig currently working at Sam's Place)
Auxillary VehiclesSS Starhawk
Operational StatusActive
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Babylon .5 is one of the earlier converted-asteroid stations to take up orbit around Earth. The station is widely assumed to be the home base of the Fivers faction; initially, the management denied this, but have since given up objecting since no one believed them. Fivers now make up a sizable chunk of the station's inhabitants.

Besides the station's residential, commercial, and research areas, it also has several decks at both the top and bottom dedicated to food production. The top levels grow vegetables of various types, corn, wheat, and a variety of tropical fruit trees. A restricted section contains several of The Jason's Blood Orange trees for use by the station's hospital. The bottom levels tend more towards aquaculture; fish farms and rice patties. Most of the food grown is used by the station's inhabitants, although some of the fruit and fish are traded to other stations for foodstuffs not produced on Babylon.5.

The Aquaculture department is currently attempting to develop a sustainable lobster and/or crab population.

Current Location

Earth-Luna Lagrange point 3

Known Station Quirks

  • Welcome to Fenspace Idol! Whenever anyone on the station sings in the shower, it is broadcast live to every speaker on the asteroid. This occurs despite the fact that there isn't any microphones in any of the bathrooms to pick up the singing. The effect also extends to any craft parked/docked on the station (both their speakers and their shower stalls).
  • It's the chipmunks! A quirk of the large 'Waved transmitter used by the radio station is that the DJs/hosts all sound like they are breathing helium. The songs are unaffected.
  • There have been repeated reports of sightings of a figure resembling Zathras from the Babylon 5 series. These have not yet been confirmed. Some say it's just a Fan playing a prank.


  • Home to SFAN, one of Fenspace's few radio stations. The station plays a variety of music, news, even traffic and weather segments.
  • While technically capable of independent movement, the Station is very slow. Its engines are quite adequate for station keeping however.