Bailey Security Service

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Bailey Security Service
HeadquartersLittle Brooklyn, 4 Vesta
ServicesPrivate investigation
Bounty Hunting

Professional investigators, bodyguards, and bounty hunters, who follow due process without letting emotions get in the way. They’ll work for anyone who can afford to hire them.

"Now there's a lot of good to be said about the B-Men, and it's all true. They won't let anything stop them from getting to the truth, from getting their man. And they'll follow due process, chain of evidence; anything and everything to let everyone know that when they've pinched someone, it's the real deal. And they also respect human rights. Now, some security services, they'll do everything for their bosses. The B-Men know how to do their jobs without being monsters. They're professionals and they don't let things like anger, expedience, or just the righteous feeling of giving a bugger a toe in get in the way of doing the job. Catching the bad guy. Protecting their clients. Upholding the law. Whatever it is that they're there for, they'll do it. Their way. The Right Way.

And there's a lot of bad to be said about the BS, and it's all true, too. Arrogant? Oh, yeah. Superior? If they stuck their noses further up, they'd break their necks and a good thing, too. And they're willing to work for anybody. A `Danecrat trying to steal all the unreal estate or freestate, claiming the moon and the asteroids and the stars as theirs? Oh, the BS'll work for 'em, and gladly. A little tinpot, madman would-be dictator that's just taken over his asteroid/space station/planet and wants to rule it with an iron grip? BS'll work for that nutter, too, saying please and thank you all the way to the bank. A Robber Baron Industrialist decides that all those pesky worker rights are getting in the way of maximum profit? The BS'll come a running to bust up that undemocratic union. Oh they may not break any bones doing it, won't hold the leaders in jail for too long, but they'll do it and cash the blood money with a whistle on their lips and a spring in their step.

And that's Bailey Security Service for you."