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Spacecraft Registry
Eagle-class Frigate GSS Belisarius
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullStonewell-Bellcom Aerospace RFF Eagle
Drive TypeGravitic Impeller
Drive RatingStandard Accel: 100g, Maximum 125g
OwnerGreenwood Security Services, LTD
Flag of RecordGreenwood Station
Registry NumberGFF-101
PurposeZwilnik Hunter
Primary Crew64 crew, 24 fighter crews, 24 flight-deck ops, 46 marines
Auxillary Vehicles12 VF-1 Valkyrie Fighters
4 AT-10 Marine boarding shuttles
2 C-8 Cargo/Personnel transport shuttles
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by User:Ecsnorway)

Rockhounds, Inc. and its holding company, Greenwood Unlimited, have always had a number of secret projects under their belt. Some were difficult to hide – it was only a matter of time before 'Project Black Book' was revealed, for example – and some were easier, concealed in the depths of the company's asteroid home. It was always expected that there would be some form of 'black hat' activity, especially when profits from asteroid mining and station construction began to rise significantly. Accordingly, the company began laying down the first of a projected fleet of three security vessels late in 2011. The first would have been completed in early 2013, but the fall of Crystal Osaka caused a redesign that added months to the construction time. Additional space for fighters and several powerful tractor beams were added, expanding the ship's ability to capture enemy vessels and perform counter-boarding operations. Several newly-designed gravitic-focussed lasers were added as well. In light of the growing tendency towards board-and-storm operations, the Marine quarters were expanded from a single squad to a full platoon (now making up almost half of the ship's complement). Fortunately for many, it was completed just in time to join in the Battle of Serenity Valley.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Keep a civilized tongue in your head - The AI who does most of the real work of running the ship presents itself not as the eponymous Roman general, but as a mere Centurion from his legions, bearing the name of 'Maurice'. Furthermore, it will not interact in any language other than Latin or Greek.
  • Hand of a Craftsman - Shoddy workmanship, especially on repairs or upgrades, is simply not tolerated. This will usually be ignored if it's the middle of a battle and the system in question needs to function now, but the moment it becomes nonvital it will stop working again until it is properly repaired. Similarly, crewmen who keep slovenly quarters will find any system they attempt to use working at half efficiency.

Combat Capabilities

  • Spin Like A Top - The vessel's advanced gravitic drive system allows it to maneuver to face in any direction easily. Changing its movement vector is a little more difficult, as it is with any acceleration drive.
  • It comes standard - The hull is structural steel, heavily enhanced by handwavium and embedded layers of Venusian Diamond.
  • Launching fighters - 12 VF-1 Valkyrie fighters are carried as a standard load, operating in three flights of four planes each. The bay can be reconfigured for VA-6 Alpha fighters instead, carrying 16 craft in that configuration.
  • Stand by boarding parties - A full dozen tractor beam emitters are spaced along the hull, designed primarily for use in capturing enemy craft and bringing them close for boarding.
  • Get them out of my sky - Each tractor beam is also matched with a grav-focused laser, capable of being used for point defense or as an anti-shipping weapon at need.


The ship's dedication plaque is located in the traditional place, at the primary entryway to the bridge. It lists a number of Greenwood Unlimited and Stonewell-Bellcom officials as supplementary plankowners, as is traditional, and the ship's motto. The latter is chosen from a favorite song of Marsden's, and reads,

And today our fragile flesh and steel,
have laid our hands on a vaster wheel.

Known Crew Members (2013)

  • Commander Elza Newman - CO - Android based on the character 'Eluza' from Gall Force. Strong-willed, honorable, and dedicated, she makes a fine officer.
  • Lieutenant Commander Rabby Newman - XO - Android based on the character 'Rabby' from Gall Force.
  • Lieutenant Commander William Weaver - Science Officer - 'Redneck' from Alabama, very intelligent, friendly and casual. He has several doctorates including physics, astrophysics, mathematics, and electrical engineering.
  • Major Lufy Starblade - Android based on the character 'Lufy' from Gall Force. CO of the Belisarius' onboard marine platoon, Lufy is a hard-driving officer who leads from in front and in a larger organization would make an excellent Sergeant-Major. She'd have a lot more fun as one, too.
  • Lieutenant Lafiel Abriel - Helm Officer - Cool, calm, collected, and seemingly serene, this android based on the Abh princess is a highly skilled pilot capable of driving the ship well past what any sane analyst would consider its intended maneuverability spec. Part of this is due to the Abh 'Froch' sense, but this capability has been extended to all the android crewers working for GSS. Part of it is her own skill and intimate knowledge of the ship's workings (she did help design it, after all), and part of it is that she's just that nuts.