Benjamin Franklin Station

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Spacecraft Registry
Benjamin Franklin Station
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRockhounds Space Rock #4
Drive Typeclassified
Drive Ratingclassified
OwnerTransrationality Science Assessment Bureau
Flag of RecordUnited States of America
Faction'Danelaw (United States Air Force)
PurposePoint of presence
Military base
Research station
Primary CrewCol. Stephen Caldwell, USAF (commander)
Maj. Amy O'Connell, USAF (operations manager)
Other CrewAir Force Fighting Wings astroball team
Riot Force 6 quidditch team
Operational StatusActive
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Benjamin Franklin Station, located at the Earth-Luna L4 point, is the headquarters of the Transrationality Science Assessment Bureau. It is commanded by Col. Stephen Caldwell, USAF.

It is home to the Air Force Fighting Wings astroball team and the Riot Force 6 quidditch team.

Despite common Fenspace rumor, Benjamin Franklin Station is not the home port for the USS Stingray.