Beverly Hayakawa

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Beverly Hayakawa
Beverly Hayakawa.png
Crystal Senshi Beverly Hayakawa, in her office in Crystal Hiroshima.
BornSeptember 23, 1978(1978-09-23)
San Francisco, USA, Earth
ResidenceCrystal Hiroshima
NationalityFenspace Convention
Service/branchSailor Armed Militia
Years of service2010 - present
RankCrystal Senshi (OF-9)
Height158 cm
Weight55 kg
Known forFirst and current commander of the Sailor Armed Militia
PartnerRob Donaldson

Beverly Hayakawa was born in San Francisco to a family with a strong Coast Guard tradition. Bev spent much of her adolescence with the children of other officers posted to Station San Francisco and Air Station San Francisco, and absorbed the ethos the way other children pick up pop-culture trends. She also picked up an interest in Japanese culture and pop-culture from her father's side of the family - she'd be as likely to listen to The Boredoms as to The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It was no surprise when Beverly enrolled in the Coast Guard Academy, or when she was posted back to San Francisco four years later as an interpreter. She found the work interesting at first, but wanted more. When some of her friends announced they were going to go live on the Moon and build the Silver Millennium, Bev decided to go with them - somebody needed to make sure they didn't die the in first week, after all. She quickly became one of the "inner circle" of the fandom along with Tanith Curtis and Yoko Kayabuki, and the three naturally rose to leadership roles when the Crystal Millennium was formalized.

Despite her dislike of using force as a first option, Bev became the faction's military leader by virtue of being the one with the most military experience; she formed the faction's militia along Coast Guard lines and worked with people of similar opinions in other parts of Fenspace (including Blackstone) to build an informal network of search-and-rescue groups. When the faction's militia formally became the Sailor Armed Militia, Bev became its first Admiral - a post she still holds in 2022.

Bev represented the Senshi at Kandor-Con (there was a scheduling mix-up that had Serenity I busy launching Crystal Tokyo the same weekend), where she argued passionately for the adoption of the Articles of Convention across Fenspace. Kandor-Con was also where she was first seen in the company of Rob Donaldson, one of the permanent staff of the Convention Authority - the two have remained very close over the years despite their jobs keeping them apart most of the time.

Notable Mundane Attributes

Beverly is fluent in both English and Japanese. She also has a good practical grasp of military procedure.

'Wavium Abilities

None. Beverly has never biomodded, and has no interest in getting a mod.


  • I Am Their Shield - Retired USCG officer, still follows the ethos which she's generalized to the entire Crystal Millennium.
  • Dead Enemies Can't Become Friends - Prefers to keep armed response as a final resort, not as an early option.


Senshi, Love subfaction - Operational commander of the Sailor Armed Militia.