Blue Midget

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Spacecraft Registry
Blue Midget-series transport
Blue Midget - Shakedown Cruise.png
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom four-deck cargo transport
Length100 meters
Width55 meters
Height45 meters
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters (gravity drive)
Drive Ratingmax. velocity 0.04c
OwnerJupiter Mining Corporation
Registry NumberJMCB-##
LaunchedJuly 2014
PurposeCargo transport
Primary Crew3-6
Auxillary Vehicles1
Operational StatusActive
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More or less mass produced vehicles, they don't bear any more than superficial resemblance to the Blue Midget designs from Red Dwarf, aside from being painted blue and boxy, with the rear section being dominated by an array of engines. As a single, each one is larger than either Starbug, encompassing four decks, although a fair amount of the space in each is dedicated to cargo and storage. Each has a crew of three, with more than adequate facilities to support six crew in reasonable comfort when necessary.

Due to its large size, the Blue Midget class contains equipment for external umbilical docking with both smaller craft, and larger stations. It also carries a single auxiliary craft, typically a 'waved Honda Fit or equivalent.

There is usually enough leftover crew space available that an enterprising hitchhiker, for a nominal fee, can hitch a lift aboard one if it's going the way they want to. Depending on the destination, it can be cheaper than hiring a dedicated transport, and in some cases considerably faster. Some Fen, particularly those who possess serious culinary skills, can do a "working route", going to various destinations by trading their labor for passage.

All Blue Midgets are officially numbered rather than named, but each one has a name given it by the crew, the most prominently known being 'Eat And Run'. In many cases this has extended to ships sporting "nose art", which, while not condoned, is also not directly frowned upon.

Known Class Quirk

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll: Any attempt to push the vehicle past 50% of it's rated speed will result in the ship vibrating like it's about to shed every single bolt that holds it together.