Bob Schroeck

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Bob Schroeck
Robert m schroeck.jpg
BornRobert M. Schroeck
ResidenceGrover’s Corners
Weight240 lbs.
Spouse(s)Peggy Schroeck
ChildrenLuna Schroeck
RelativesNancy Schroeck (sister)

Primary Writer: Bob Schroeck

Bob is a SMOF mostly by accident. He is the usual representative of a rather anarchic group of interrelated friends and families who all bought homes in the same neighborhood of a rural West Virginia town and then -- after a lot of work -- took that neighborhood into orbit as the Space Vessel Grover’s Corners. A ¾-mile-wide sphere of live farmland makes for a vast amount of economic clout in outer space, and when this was explained to the newcomers, they rose to the challenge of their new influence. Bob and the Corners folk are among the few true Generalist SMOFs, trying to be the middle path among the extremes whenever possible.


49 years old, but looks younger. 5'8", 240 lbs. Grey-blue eyes. Short blond hair with hints of strawberry, thin on top but not gone; reddish sideburns and mustache. Wears glasses with very thin, bronze-colored frames. Usually in jeans and T-shirts or polo shirts. A clip on his belt over his front right pocket holds two rings of keys which usually jingle when he walks, but he can move with surprising silence when he needs to.

Known Quirks

Has no patience for long-winded or meandering comments or explanations. Pop culture/trivia maven. (Building the Grover's Corners, though, has kept him out of the loop for the last few years, though, so he's a little outdated at the moment.) Has a powerful temper with a long, slow-burning fuse. Irrepressible punster. Homebrewer. Cook.

Bob is given toward the flamboyant and overdramatic, despite being a rather cautious person, and is usually the SMOF most in favor of grand gestures intended to intimidate and frighten the enemy.


B5, ST:TOS and ST:TNG, general (non-hentai) anime, Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Firefly


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