Brave Legend Shakespeare

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Spacecraft Registry
Brave Legend Shakespeare
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullThree large cargo containers, attached in a “Y-Wing” configuration; heavy modifications
Drive TypeFull Sonnet Drive
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerWill Kao, Floating Island Pte Ltd
Flag of RecordThe Island
FactionThe Island
Registry NumberISS-BLS-3
PurposePolice, Security, Patrol, Poetry
Primary CrewVaries between runs:
Ship's AI as pilot
One or more station staff as crew
Fisherbots as deckhands
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by Aaron “Acyl” Choo Yilun)

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Uniform: Controls won’t work unless the currently-serving captain is wearing a shirt or jacket with big collar and puffy sleeves.
  • GPS: Engines won’t start unless a globe, one of those big spinny ones, is in the cockpit.


  • Global Threat: The brainchild of Dr. Will Kao, the Island’s Ops Chief/Medic. He insists the ship has no connection to his own first name. The Shakespeare is the Island’s main protection against troublemakers - a flying bouncer. The Shakespeare is always referred to, Soviet-style, as he.
  • William Who? Ship’s AI is modeled not after William Shakespeare, but William Topaz McGonagall - a 19th century poet renowned as the worst poet in English literature. But McGonagall was a Shakespeare fanboy, so... (“In his beautiful tragedy of Othello, one passage is very fine,/Just for instance where Cassio looses his lieutenancy/... By drinking too much wine;”)
  • He’s Dead, Jim: There’s a certain amount of irony in the station’s medic building a gunship, no matter how defensively configured. Of course, Dr. Kao’s doctorate isn’t in medicine... and he hasn’t sworn any kind of oath...
  • The Fuzz: As a police vessel, of sorts, the Shakespeare is nominally a combat ship. His equipment is mostly defensive, however, and he’s meant to disable or seize ships, not destroy them. That said, he is most definitely armed.
  • Q Branch: Precisely what weapons the Shakespeare has isn’t clear. In 2009, he fought off a would-be raider attack with railguns, presumably powered by a ’wavium energy source. Island staff later referred to these guns as the “154 Sonnets” (and, unusually for Island folks, insisted the designs were not for sale). Following recent rumors from SOS-Con, the Shakespeare is undergoing a full refit. Dr. Kao has reportedly installed some sort of ultimate weapon, codenamed the “Forbidden Art Of Plays”...