Briareos Georgiou

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Briareos Georgiou
BornApril 18, 1975(1975-04-18)
Athens, Greece
ResidenceWhite Tower
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesBri
EthnicityGreek (Cyborg)
Alma materUniversity of Athens
OccupationSection 6 Special Operations Team Leader
Years active2013 onwards
EmployerSpace Patrol
Service/branchSpace Patrol Section 6
Years of service2013 onwards
UnitSection 6
Commands heldFESWAT Unit 2
Known forbeing the first Greek Fen in space who made it upstairs on his own
Predecessorposition created
Religious beliefsGreek Orthodox
MissionsBoskone War

Born in Athens in 1975, Briareos Georgiou is the son of a family of public servants. Like all Greek men of 18 years he was conscripted into the Hellenic Army. After serving for 9 month he decided to remain in the Army and get a degree in engineering.

Only one year after graduation and being transfered into a position as engineer in the 24th Armored Brigade, he was involved in an accident where a Leopard 1A5 fell from a insufficiently serviced crane. He was nearly directly under the crane and only a jump managed to safe his life. However, the tank still crushed his legs and they had to be amputated.

After a year in hospital he was pushed into a desk job.

When handwavium first became available, he began to dream of being able to walk again and began building a power suit. Being an anime fan and especially a fan of Masamune Shirow, he decided to try and make the suit look like a cyborg from the manga Appleseed, who shared his name, Briareos Hecatonchires.

After nearly two years of constant work and using quite a bit of some 'misplaced' military hardware, he was ready to wave and finish the suit. While he was trying the suit on, without waving it, he was surprised by a number of military policemen, who were to arrest him for 'misplacing' military hardware. The suit was knocked over, knocked over the prepared batch of handwavium, which spilled over Briareos and the suit and the suit closed.

When he awoke, he found himself inside a cell, and fled. Over several corners he made it to Fenspace after raiding his home and grabbing the last handwavium which was used to wave an 1960 VW Beetle.

Putting some of his knowledge to work, he worked as technician in Port Phobos for a while before a hostage situation resulted in him getting into action. He was then approached by the Port Phobos Police to enter their small SWAT team. With the outbreak of the Boskone War he got involved with Great Justice for a time before switching to FESWAT after a call by Andy Cramer.

His first operation as Team Leader of FESWAT Unit 2, was the assault on 'The Hellhole in Space', where his internal oxygen supply kept his Unit focussed on their objective.

Notable Mundane Attributes

Handwavium Abilities

  • Hecatonchires: He can control multiple computer systems at the same time, provided that he can hack them.

Mundane Quirks

  • I'm from Athens: Reacts very poor to anything that reminds him of the movie of comic '300', or anything that marginalizes the Greek history. There is a good amount of pride of being Greek and especially being from Athens.


  • No legs, no service: Now and again his legs abruptly detach themselves from his body and need a full servicing of his body to put himself together. He's really annoyed by that, but glad that it never happens during an operation.
  • Oh, right... I'm a cyborg... Sometimes he forgets that he's a cyborg and is generally rather comfortable the way he is now. As such he never needed or wanted training in Panzerkunst.