Camilla Templar

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Camilla Templar
Camilla Templar.jpg
Camilla at work
ResidenceMeetpoint Station, Cislunar Space
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipGeneralist (with Ninja, Super, and Senshi sympathies)
EmployerGreat Justice

Open Character, created by Mark Skarr, Rob Kelk and Ebony

Based out of Meetpoint Station, Great Justice Troubleshooter Camilla Templar handles the tricky assignments in cislunar space.[1] Camilla's biomod lets her see through any amount of blinding light, but she falls asleep if there's less than a half-dozen candela of light in the immediate area.[2]

Certain members of the UK contingent of the Blue Blazers point out a curious resemblance between Agent Templar and a certain Blue Blazer and semi-retired member of M.I.6. John Steed generally brushes these theories off as "stuff, nonsense, and silliness," but also warns other Blazers "don't mention it to Emma; she gets horribly cross about that sort of thing."


  1. "Tricky" includes "requiring wetwork", but that sort of case doesn't happen very often.
  2. This puts a crimp in her romantic life; she used to love candlelit dinners with her boyfriend.