Candy Apple Red's (spacecraft)

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Spacecraft Registry
Candy Apple Red's
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullA 50m/165ft long mega yacht
Drive Typeconverted diesel to 'wavium engine, but the "ship" is primarily stationary
Drive Ratingn/a
OwnerCAR Ltd.
Flag of RecordHolland
PurposePassenger Yacht turned brothel
Primary CrewCandy Apple Red (owner)
Carol Reed (ship's cook and QM; not for hire)
Jinx (technician; not for hire)
Absinthe, The Green Orion Slave Girl (for hire)
Corsair (ship's medic, non biomodded human female; for hire)
Corona (ship's hostess/madam, non-biomodded human female; for hire)
Lilac (female elf-type biomod, for hire)
Lavender (female elf-type biomod; for hire)
Nekoh-Chan (female cat-girl biomod; for hire)
Miao (female cat-girl biomod; for hire)
Tux (Candy's escort when she needs one; male, kamen type; for hire)
Spike (ship security, male priapistic biomoded dwarf; for hire)
Auxillary VehiclesCandy (a 1975 Candy Apple Red classic Corvette converted by 'wavium; aka Candy's personal vehicle)
Operational StatusActive
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Known Vehicle Quirks

The ship itself is fairly normal, as far as Fenships go. The AI is still maturing and developing its own personality; although it is being exposed to constant anime, and sci-fi shows. Lately it has expressed an interest in being the Nirvana from Vandread. Tomorrow it might want to be DS9, who knows, it's pretty fickle.

Known Crew Quirks

  • NO means NO: Carol hates being propositioned. Keep doing it and you're blacklisted. The staff know to keep their cook happy.
  • Nekoh-Chan likes to be called in a sing song voice. She won't answer if you don't sing her name.
  • Corsair and Corona took their names from Nene Thomas paintings and dress accordingly.
  • Just to make it interesting, Lilac and Lavender are twins; identical
  • Most importantly: All staff are there willingly. No one has been forced, enslaved, or otherwise coerced into this profession and all are of legal age.
  • And the most obvious, Carol is Candy Apple Red, but they are 2 distinct legal personalities.


Layout: 5 suites, 18 staterooms; dining room/lounge; comfortably accommodates 46 passengers.

Candy Apple Red's has a converted diesel to 'wavium engine, but the "ship" is primarily stationary.

Candy is in negotiations with Hephaestus for the building of a bigger establishment, or a second establishment on the other side of "town"


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