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Bornsomewhere in Europe
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityRed tabby Catgirl
EducationComputer Scientist
Height172 cm
Weight60 kg

Primary Writer: HRogge

Yes, we could do a tour to the Saturn area within this time and there are lot of things to see there. Let us look on the map again, we could move out and make a stop at the Floating Island or on Mars, but we have to skip one of them to make it to Saturn, have some fun there and get back in time again. So it is Mars and Saturn ? Fine... here is your spacesuit, maybe you should try it on... yes, you need it. The Stargazer has no airlock, so if we have to get out of the ship in flight, you might want to have something keep you breathing... why we would want to go outside ? Maybe someone will have an emergency and we have to help them... yes, that is not negotiable, if you hear someone needing help you help them.

—Cathy, at the beginning of a tour to the moons of Saturn talking with a customer


Pre OGJ history

Cathy was “born” by an accidental Biomod during the construction of her ship Stargazer, imitating the form of a fictional Shadowrun catgirl changeling. The contact with small amounts of Handwavium over the timeframe of more than a month triggered the transformation into a catgirl. Cathy has never talked about her history before her lift into orbit. Cathy began working on the Stargazer on New Year 2010, but instead of just starting to apply Handwavium she decided to build a computer model of the car first with the help of Cortana (the AI emerging in her waved computer) and beginning to handwave the parts of the car in mid February.

After arriving in orbit and touring through the solar system for a month or two, she started a small business as a tour guide for persons looking for a custom tour through Fenspace. Cathy is known to do tours from Venus up to Jupiter and Saturn, depending on the wishes of her passenger and available time. More than one of her tours have been derailed by a received emergency call.

Operation Great Justice

During SOS-con on Phobos Cathy was one of the attendants who decided to support the new Operation Great Justice. After doing some first reconnaissance work, she nearly got captured and taken away by a small Trojan horse operation of a Boskonian ship. This ‘accident’ convinced Cathy that it was just to dangerous to continue working with OGJ without any kind of training. After being freed by the crew of the SS Ciara and the team of Senshi on board, she accompanied them back to the next Senshi output and asked about the option joining them for a year.

After getting some basic training, Cathy was put into a group of Senshi belonging to the superspy subfaction to exploit the catgirls stealthiness and Cortanas SIGINT abilities.

During some free time between two missions she built a small number of FTL communication devices called Quantum Entanglement Modules.

Mission on Nehalennia

After the end of the Boskone war Cathy went back to her earlier business as a tourist guide, but wasn't really happy about it. The intensity and dangers of the war made her old happy days between the stars look dull and boring.

When she was contacted by OGJ for a special mission with Jet Jaguar, she jumped the opportunity and quickly headed to Mars. The mission became a lot more complicated than both Jet and herself had expected and soon she found herself on an undercover mission on the Boskone held asteroid station on 2462 Nehalennia. The mission avoided a total disaster barely and became a success, during which a number of Catgirls were freed from the station. After returning with the survivors to Mars, most of them did not not know where to go or what to do with their future.

The Cathy and a number of rescued Catgirls took the opportunity to do some meaningful work when Jet announced the Panzer Kunst Gruppe needed a new kind of recon drone. With the money from the contract they began to build their own small space station, both as a home and as a place to work on new construction contracts. They called their new company Catgirl Industries.

Catgirl Industries

The growing company quickly vanquished any feelings of Cathy about being bored. As one of the two catgirls with existing knowledge about Handwavium and Engineering, she and Vivio found themselves quickly with the job to guide the other catgirls through the first years of the company.

While the need to help the other catgirls to settle in vanished after a few months, both of them are still called for advice by the other catgirls a lot. Cathy also became the spokesperson of the company, which she sometimes called the stupid paper work.

When being asked what kind of research she is doing, she mostly answers that it is some classified research project she is not willing to talk about.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Computer Scientist: Cathy knows a lot about computers and digital communication, but much of her knowledge is outdated because of all the AIs in Fenspace. Cortana admits she learned a lot of the basics of networking and routing from Cathy.
  • Stargazing: Cathy is a hobby astronomer with a lot of knowledge about all the basics of planets, stars and galaxies.
  • Multilingual: Cathy spoke English and German when lifting from Earth. She learned Japanese during her time with the Senshis.

Handwavium Abilities/Quirks

  • I am a cat: Cathy has similar abilities like a normal cat, including lowlight vision, better hearing and quick reflexes. Her tail often helps her to keep balance.
  • Purr! When enjoying herself Cathy starts purring like a normal cat. This makes her unwilling to leave her current place, in some cases to the point she is not able to leave at all.


  • Cathy considered purring always a purely positive Quirk until an ‘accident’ with an assassination team of ninjas after CrystalCon. The team were hitting her roommate and decided to go for a few bonus points by smuggling in a warming massage blanket into Cathys bed. It took Cathy more than 16 hours to be able to leave the bed to get something to drink.
  • Cathy believes in using special strains of Handwavium for certain jobs. She still has a box with multiple strains used in the construction of the Stargazer for reinforced structure, live support, communication and several other ones.
  • There is a complete computer model of the Stargazer in its computers and Cathy and Cortana are constantly talking about small changes they want to make as soon as they have the money and a place to work on the Stargazer.
  • Where no car has gone before: Cathy and Cortana love the idea to be one of the first people to do an interstellar voyage with a small spacecraft like the Stargazer. But experiments outside the limit have been put on hold until an upgrade of the radio system.


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