Cerulean Edge

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Spacecraft Registry
Cerulean Edge
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull2001 Saturn SL
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters (Speed)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.11c
OwnerJeph Antilles
Flag of RecordJupiter Mining Corporation
Registry NumberJMCS-1
LaunchedOctober 2008
PurposePersonal transport
Primary CrewJeph Antilles (Pilot)
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by JFerio)

Jeph's personal vehicle, 'waved before he left Earth.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • It's Not Easy Being Blue: Everything about the car is blue green. The paint job. The interior and fittings. The dashboard. The instruments. Even the TIRES are blue green. No amount of paint, reupholstering, or anything, will change that.
  • Well Weathered: Picks up a new set of chips in the paint, or other similarly cosmetic damage, every six months, yet shrugs it off entirely, including reentry soot, all the rest of the time.