Chris Marsden

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Chris Marsden
ResidenceGreenwood City, Greenwood
NationalityUnited States of America
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Home townGreenwood City
SalaryProbably More Than You
Known forMaking the asteroid-mining industry profitable
TitleChief Executive Officer

Primary Writer: ECSNorway

Gaming Stats)

Chris Marsden is generally considered one of the runaway success stories of Fenspace. He may lack the flamboyant madness of a Mal Fnord or a Noah Scott, but he has the charisma and business savvy to have made what he set out to do work. Considered by pundits to be more than a little bipolar, he swings on an almost monthly basis from preferring to stay in the background to getting in peoples' faces and taking no shame whatsoever in his actions.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Rockhound: Owner and CEO of Rockhounds, Inc. Not really the founder of the asteroid-mining industry, but the man who made it work, and still makes it profitable for fen today.

'Wavium Abilities

Possessor of the Omnifentrix.


  • Shameless Yankee: Maintains American citizenship, pays taxes, votes.
  • Cat Person: Quite fond of cats.
  • Shut Up, Pinko Commie Traitor! Absolutely despises socialism in any form beyond the small group level. Once got into a lengthy screaming row with Natalie Baker about this at a con.
  • I need my space: Hates living in close quarters, one of the primary motivations behind his decision to use Greenwood as his primary residence. (Indeed, guests at said facility have said that even the budget hotel rooms there make crew quarters on the Enterprise-D look cramped.)
  • Governor of the State of... At the last con, one particularly obnoxious fan was heard to bellow at him, "You like the 'danelaw so much, why don't you go ahead and apply for statehood? Make it all official?" And he just smiled and said, "Not yet..."


As a fairly "ordinary" - yea'right - businessman, Mr. Marsden does have quite a bit of sympathy for the Browncoats. While he has not undertaken any open steps towards affiliation, it can be taken for granted by authors that he is a quiet supporter of their efforts. After all, that's how America got started, and he does consider himself a dyed-in-the-wool, red-white-and-blue, American.

That said, he seems to be attracting a large number of Macrossians to his banner as well. If the faction can be said to have a leader at this time, he is it.