Clay Pigeons

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Clay Pigeons
BornPrometheus Forge, Main Belt
NationalityFenspace Convention
ParentsA.C. Peters
There are multiple Clay Pigeons

Open Characters, created by Cobalt Greywalker

Another 'failed' attempt by A.C. at work drones, specifically the 'Squid' type hover drones, they were not put into production until Andy wanted more material to work with in replicating the webbing pellets. Since then they've become surprisingly popular - so much so that A.C. has had to set up an entire section of Prometheus Forge for manufacturing them.

The Clay Pigeons have a friendly rivalry with the Fisherbots, where they both try to infect the other with personality quirks. This mostly hasn't had any effect except that of getting the Pigeons to form their own flying display squads. This in turn has caused the Fisherbots to form a number of stunt teams. Noah has of course hired them for Space Patrol goodwill tours as they're both good and funny as hell.


Pretty much like the security drones Dr Clay dreamed up for his and the GP Academy's use in the OAV continuity of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Just making my rounds Ma'am: General Purpose security drones.
  • I think it may be time for a TACTICAL RETREAT!: If there is the slightest hint of being overpowered, the drones run away. This doesn't help much, as their terrified retreat is almost irresistible...
  • Eat blazing hot death!: ...But they have learned to use this to set up vicious ambushes.

'Wavium Abilities:

  • Hang around there gentlemen: The Clay Pigeons are armed with pellets that explode into sticky web filaments on impact. These are strong enough to immobilize most people in Fenspace. How they generate them is still a mystery.


  • "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...": The Clay Pigeons have formed their own flying display squads in those locations where six of them can be spared.