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ResidenceFateful Lightning
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityGreek (AI)
OccupationScience Officer, Lab Caretaker, and Medical Officer, Fateful Lightning
ParentsThe Jason ("father")
RelativesLachesis, Atropos, Fate (sisters)

Clotho, like her Sisters Lachesis, Atropos, and Fate, started out as a high-end computer system that The Jason filled with as much lore on the Greek Fates as possible - including stories about them from modern SF/fantasy. She also got a complete set of the Ah! My Goddess! shows, and whatever data he felt was needed for laboratory and medical work. The Jason was deliberately hoping to wake all four of the Sisters as AIs, and tried to set the stage as much as possible beforehand.

Clotho is in charge of the Lab and Garden, and helps serve as The Jason's lab assistant and monitor. Personality-wise, she's bright and upbeat, with a voice that sounds like a college-age young woman.

She pouts if she doesn't get her daily horoscope, and insists on doing a weekly Tarot reading for those on board, just to see where things are standing.

When appearing as a holographic entity (after mid-2014), Clotho is pretty, college-aged and blond, looking somewhat like Sarah Michelle Gellar with shoulder-length hair pulled back into a tail. She wears the jeans and t-shirt (but not the lab coat) that she usually wears in the lab's display, with a long-shafted spindle hanging from a loop at her belt almost like a fencing foil, and two pouches also on her belt holding her Tarot cards and rune stones.