Coherent Anti-Raman Stokes Scatterer

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Spacecraft Registry
SV Coherent Anti-Raman Stokes Scatterer (CARSS)
CARSS (2012).png
CARSS as of 2012.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullMisc.
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive Rating0.04C
OwnerKFD Heavy Industries
Flag of RecordNew United Nations Spacy
Registry NumberECS-Pi
Launched23 November 2010
Primary CrewKale (Captianish)
Maeve (SWMBO)
Kasmir (Sysadmin)
The Druish One (etc)
Other CrewThe talky toaster
Lucifer (ship's cat)
Auxillary VehiclesGeorge (Chevy Chevette, passenger shuttle)
Operational StatusActive
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The CARSS, also known as "The Last Thing Kale Gets To Name", is large vessel cobbled together out of culvert piping, cargo containers and at least one mobile home. The CARSS is the home of KFD Heavy Industries, and is a mish-mash collection of workshops, storage for half-completed projects, working "corporate" interests, 'ponics bays, cargo bays, living spaces and pretty much anything else her crew have come up with.

The CARSS's design is constantly changing as her crew adds new pieces, removes old ones they don't need anymore, or that have become too damaged to be usable.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • And fearless monster slaying: Neither Kale, nor Dru' believe that a Hard Tech AI would be comprehensable to humans at all, so when they 'waved the CARSS computer, they got an expert system, dubbed the Talky Toaster, instead.
  • Hold together baby: The CARSS has a speed drive, but if you take it up over 2/3rds of its theoretical maximum the ship begins to shake like an airframe being forced into overspeed. They've never dared take her up to her full acceleration.
  • I swear, I left it right here: The CARSS is in a constant state of flux as projects are finished or abandonded, and new bits and pieces are added on.

Known Crew Quirks

  • ...Of Dooooom!: Kale continues to deny that the CARSS has a massive spinally mounted laser, but assures us that if it did, it would be for research purposes only.
  • To the moon Kale, to the moon!: Maeve is the one who keeps everything together, and is largely responsible for them getting anywhere on time.


  • Kings of the golden river: KFD Heavy Industries main claim to fame is not manufacturing but recycling. The CARSS second biggest money making venture is her job as a garbage scow. There are bays filled with trash that's in the process of being sorted and rendered down to base components. She's a major source of slightly used metal ingots, recycled paper and rag paper.
  • Speakeasy: The biggest money making venture of crew is alcohol. This should not be surprising since three of them are amature vinters and brewers. KFD Heavy Industries sells everything from ale, stout, wine and meade to pure rot-gut moonshine.
  • What an odd place for a garden: To feed the various stills and carbouys on board the CARRS there is an extensive collection of 'ponics bays and gardens.
  • The world goes round, and round, and...: Kale is attempting to build a perpetual motion machine/power source with a slice of waved, buttered bread and Maeve's cat Lucifer. Maeve has little sense of humour about this.