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Spacecraft Registry
L5 Station Colony
Station Colony. A Bolitho class ship can be seen launching from one of the lower launch bays.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Drive RatingStation-keeping only
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
FactionTwelve Colonies of Kobol, Cylon subfaction
Registry NumberL5-N
PurposeFaction home base
Other Crewapproximately 600 people
Operational StatusActive
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Originally built by the Twelve Colonies of Kobol[1] and completed by its current inhabitants, Colony is the home base for the faction's pro-AI "Cylon" segment. It comes as no surprise to anyone with even a passing knowlegde of the faction's source material (either version) that the inhabitants of Colony don't get along well with the rest of the Galacticans. However, they have forged strong ties to various pro-AI groups, including the Hacker Underspace, Stellvia Corporation, a noticeable minority of the Trekkies, a small fraction of the Warsies[2] and many Supers.

The station's multitude of landing and launch bays makes Colony the most popular "garage" in L5. Many of the local stations without their own drydocks send their vehicle work here, and one of StelOil's larger fuel stations is located in Colony. Many of the station's six-hundred inhabitants are fendane, generalist, or neutral, living on Colony because they can put their mechanical engineering skills to good use there.

The actual faction members in residence are very interested in AI research, with the goal of developing robot drones that look like Cylon Centurions.[3] These research teams share their results with the Vesta Institute of Robotics, who are careful to keep watch on the projects underway at Colony.


  1. On the principle of "Know thine enemy."
  2. This gives the Cylons some political power as one of the unofficial "back channels" between the two largest Factions in the Convention.
  3. Who knows why, all things considered. Still.