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The email heard round the Solar System: Haruhi Suzumiya's invitation to the Fen.
Date: 5 May 2012
From: (SOS Brigade Supreme Headquarters)
To: all-call@nation.fen

Note all fan: 

We came empty here the earth of one thing of heart: Because you become the 
hero. Our hearts it echoes the dream of bravery in our centers, that is our 
obligations to those dreams fufill! Our 2 weeks of the group hearby call of 
SOS for splendid conference where that of heart and, at the place of Phobos
it should you grasp from today. There we organize because because of the star 
you become the hero, start! 

Everyone who obtains this message is invited. It has your boat and your story, 

--SOS Brigade Supreme Headquarters!

Part 1: And The Call Went Out Part 2: Arrivals Part 3: Antics

This page is a placeholder, but will (most likely) eventually serve as an index page for the multiple intertwined stories that both kicked off Fenspace and began the Boskone War. Once I figure out how to seperate the stories and get everything wikified for Great Justice and maximum readability. Watch this space for evolving details. --Mal-3