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The last of the Crystal Cities (completed in May 2011), Crystal Kyoto was originally just a place for Senshi who lived in other Crystal Cities to get away from the Venus Terraforming Project for a while. However, it became the Project's genetic-engineering headquarters when Crystal Osaka was destroyed in January 2013.

Unlike the other Crystal Cities, Crystal Kyoto has a zero-tolerance policy to drugs other than alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana; they feel that they have a responsibility to remove the stain upon the Senshi's reputation left by the Crystal Osaka zwilnicks.[1]


The Artemis Foundation has an administrative office in Crystal Kyoto, responsible for all Foundation activities inside Cytherian orbit. Since Venus is studied closely by the Venus Terraforming Project, and Mercury is being explored by Fendane mining companies, the Crystal Kyoto office of the Artemis Foundation tends to concentrate on maintaining that group's Solar probes.

CrystalCon, the 2011 Convention, was the first major event held in Crystal Kyoto. This was the first Fenspace Convention where nothing of system-shaking importance took place, and thus was the first "typical" Convention.[2]

The Double Valentine amateur rock concert is held in Crystal Kyoto every October 22.

The Crystal Kyoto Knights Astroball team is based out of Crystal Kyoto. Formed to publicize their home town (they're as old as the city), they were originally an all-male team but became co-ed in 2012.

The Crystal Academy and Boarding School is also located in Crystal Kyoto; Andrew Fauho is its best-known instructor.


  1. The Love subfaction proposed this to show Fenspace that they were really, really sorry about the whole illegal-activity thing, while the Justice subfaction thought having some rules like this one would help instill some discipline in the other subfactions. The Goths, as usual, didn't care.
  2. Although how typical can it be when it's the only one in the first six years where nothing important happened?