Crystal Osaka

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Originally the home of the the Venus Terraforming Project's genetic engineering labs and production facilities, Crystal Osaka was part of the "Japan Cluster" of Crystal Cities. Manufactured on the far side of Luna, it was the fourth of the Crystal Cities to be built and towed into place. It was also one of the smallest of the cities, nearly too small for the hollow spaces within it to maintain buoyancy in the Venusian atmosphere.

One of the most publicized tragedies of the Boskone War, well-known even among the 'Danes, is the Fall of Crystal Osaka. By January 2013, various attempts to track thionite production and shipments pointed to Crystal Osaka as a major source of broadleaf, and evidence existed that the Venus Terraforming Project and the Senshi had been infiltrated and compromised. An attempt by Great Justice troubleshooters to raid a suspected production facility on January 9 lead to a running battle in and around the city. The battle ended with the city's diamond 'skin' breached in multiple places and the city falling into the depths of the Venusian atmosphere as every ship in range tried desperately to evacuate as many people as they could..

As of Season 2, Crystal Osaka is the only Crystal City to have been destroyed.


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