Crystal Paris

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Crystal Paris, the second of the Crystal Cities, is the main maintenance dock for the Crystal Millennium fleet and the central coordination point for the "European Cluster" of terraforming stations working on the Venus Terraforming Project. Like the other Crystal Cities of Venus, Crystal Paris is Unreal Estate from Mare Marginis on Luna.

There was a scandal in Crystal Paris in May 2013 when it was discovered that then-current Search and Rescue Chief Naoko Sato was a high-ranking zwilnick, using her position to facilitate thionite shipments away from Venus. While there was a crisis of confidence regarding the trustworthiness of the city's Sammies in June 2013, neither the city nor the organization has suffered any long-term problems because of this scandal. However, the Sailor Armed Militia search and rescue vessel Leopard was given the home port of Crystal Paris in order to raise the visibility of the local Sammies after the incident.


Crystal Paris is the setting for Chapters 2 and 3 of Legend of Galactic Girls.