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Crystal Seattle, the third of the Crystal Cities, is the first and largest Crystal City in the "Americas Cluster" of cities above Venus. Found roughly 120 degrees east of the Japan Cluster[1], this city is primarily known in Fenspace as the roleplaying gamers' hangout; it hosts both the home base for the Shadowrun Fen and the Dream Park holo-LARP centre.

Known Businesses in Crystal Seattle

  • Pike's Crystal Place Market (which has a hot dog stand with Damn Fine Kosher Dogs)
  • three Starbucks (the largest of which proudly hails itself as the first off-planet branch of the chain)
  • a Seattle's Best
  • two Bigfoot Java stands
  • two Brubek's pubs

Known Events in Crystal Seattle

  • The Gygax Memorial Dungeon Crawl (March 4)
  • CrystalCon (the last weekend in June)


  1. Exact locations of Crystal Cities are impossible to provide, due to their moving about at the needs of the Venus Terraforming Project