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Game Statistics

Crystal Tokyo, also known as Castle Magellan, was the first and still most ambitious of the Venusian Cloud Cities, a shallow dish of rock scooped from the surface of the far side of Earth's moon and thoroughly honeycombed through with tunnels. The carefully-built handwaved machine that had bored them had coated their walls with a transparent material that had so far resisted analysis but proved stronger than steel. A variation of the same design had covered the island's surface in a roomy, transparent tent that spiraled out in sealed chambers like an ammonite's shell.

The tunnels and chambers that had simultaneously lightened and strengthened the mass of rock were filled with the constantly laboring machinery of the Venus Terraforming Project, while the sealed surface above had been landscaped into a sprawling garden of fields, lakes, forests, and a small town clustered around the soaring central towers that speared up through and past the protective roof.

With the lightening of the rock underlayer and the lofty height of the segmented dome and the relative densities of Terran and Venusian air, Magellan didn't need any further 'waved help to tug taut the kilometers-long cable that anchored it to the burning planet's surface so far below.

The compartmentalization of the dome and the sheer scale of the structure made it almost impossible for any single accident to 'sink' the flying city, but it still sported flight-control regs that were strict even by 'Danelaw standards. Most of the docking facilities were small bays along the underside, but larger craft had to settle on pads cantilevered out from the island's rim.

Besides being small targets, those platforms were fully exposed to the strongest gusts the platform had to offer, making landing a large ship at Castle Magellan an ... interesting experience.

The city was launched the same week as Kandor-Con. As of the Boskone War, Crystal Tokyo was the largest city in Venus' atmosphere, with a population of approximately 5,000.

Known Places in Crystal Tokyo