Daisuke Edo

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Daisuke Edo
Bornearly 1984
Hakone, Japan
ResidenceGrunthal, Mars
NationalityFenspace Convention
Education3rd year Engineering Undergrad
Alma materTokyo University
OccupationCyber Mechanic.
Years active2009 onwards
Height170 cm
Weight70 kg
PartnerAlita Gally
ChildrenAlita Gally (See text)
Alita Replica series

Daisuke Edo is a Japanese engineering student originally from Tokyo, who hitched a ride to Fenspace rather than tell his parents he failed his exams. A fan of the Gunnm manga, he set about building an android replica of Gally, using scrap parts ‘borrowed’ from various fen along with some handwavium . Sometime in 2009 she awoke... and he was rather surprised to find that unlike other androids... she didn’t realise she was an android and not human.

Initially afraid of hurting her, or possibly afraid of annoying someone with superhuman strength and reactions, he didn’t tell her otherwise instead telling her that she was a cyborg, and that she’d been injured during the kaboomite accident a few weeks earlier and lost her memory. Gally... who insisted on being called Alita, proceeded to take after her namesake.

A skilled technician, he provides a lot of technical support for the Kunstler, and is usually the first port of call if anyone needs repairing. He doesn’t normally do cyberisations himself... being a tech rather than a surgeon. He does do tune-ups and alterations of existing parts, but some Kunstler prefer to have the work done by other cyber’s, normally the one who installed their parts in the first place.

He specialises in doing a lot with the bare minimum of equipment, reusing salvaged and scrap parts from other cyborgs, or from the construction of Helium. He can usually rebuild the body of an over enthusiastic motorballer, or a Kunstler who’s been damaged in action or training. The end result doesn’t always look good, but it usually works as good or better than new.

Daisuke also constructed each of the AR-series androids, imprinting them with each with Alita’s memories (at her own request), to create training instructors and sparring partners for Kunstlers, which could be damaged and repaired with little difficulty. Unlike Alita, the AR series know they’re artificial.

He cares for Alita a great deal.

Sometime in 2024 he was the victim of a minor motorball accident involving a loose ball escaping the track at high speed. Extreme measures [1], unused AR-parts and a lot of handwavium and hope were required. The first thing he did on waking up was modify his body's armour to look more masculine, cut the hair, then calmly inform the rest of the Confederation of the result. It hasn't stopped him from working - if anything, the newly gained ability to go without sleep for long periods of time has allowed him to step up beyond his normal workload.

Alita worries he may be putting a brave face on thing, but he assures here that he's doing fine.

Mundane Attributes

Scrapheap Challenger: Can rebuild anything using re-used parts and salvaged materials. Strangely doesn’t seem to have as much luck with brand new parts.

The Masquerade: He feels he must keep Alita from learning her true nature. For this reason, he is the only person who does her maintenance.

Blind without them: Is far-sighted, and isn’t as quick to get a new set of eyes himself as he is to rebuild someone elses. He still wears glasses, with added magnifying attachments to help with fine detailed work.

Non-fighting type: Doesn’t usually fight if he can help it. Alita has tried to teach him some self defense... with varying success.

Squishy: Ordinary Mk 1 unmodded human being, and determined to stay that way thank you very much.[2]


After 2024 accident, gains the majority of the mechanical abilities of an Alita-Replica.

  1. Quattro's mind-transfer technology
  2. Prior to 2024 anyway