Deep Space Drones

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Spacecraft Registry
Oculus/Argus drone
Oculus Combat.png
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullrough ellipsoid
Drive TypeMass Effect dark energy drive
Drive Rating0.14c sprint speed, 0.125c otherwise
OwnerCatgirl Industries
PurposeOn board drones of Normandy Class ships, later also on Jenga for defense
Operational StatusActive
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What all this buzzing is about? That’s from the hive, its where we keep our deep space drones while we do not use them.

—Overheard at Jenga, 2020


During the construction of the Normandy Catgirl Industries decided to equip the ship with its own space drones to increase its capability for independent operation.

Based on experience they had gathered during the Veritech Companion Drone project with the Roughriders, CI began to work on a new drone that could operate further away from the Normandy.

The new drone became larger than the Roughrider variants, because CI had to put in a reactor and sensor systems. It also lacks the variable payload bay, there are only two variants of the drones system.


The first variant, the Argus class, carries a flexible passive sensor array that can be used both for space and planetary surveillance. In addition to the passive sensors it also carries a radar emitter, microphones and a chemical analyzer for planetary missions.

The other variant, the Oculus class, is a combat oriented one. Its sensors are more limited and focused on detecting other spacecrafts. The free space is used up by a series of batteries that fuel the internal laser cannon.

Both kind of drones are connected by a Quantum Entanglement Module to their mothership, they do not carry their own AI but are completely remote controlled.

End of the Deep Space Drones

In the Mid 2020s the Exocomps of cornered all existing Deep Space Drones, both Argus and Oculus variant, ripped out parts of their specialized equipment and installed a powerful Exocomp AI and an oversized Tool Adapter. The drones became part of the Hive. Some catgirls at Jenga speculate that the Exocomps became annoyed about the stupidity of the Deep Space Drones.

Known Quirks

  • Swarm like Bees: Even without an AI on board groups of drones begin to slowly move around and act similar to honey bees.


  • The drones can hold their sprint speed of 0.14c for one hour, after this the sprint batteries are empty. A full recharge by the internal reactor takes a few hours.
  • Both variants mount a waved radio system.
  • The Argus variant mounts a spotlight.


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