Deidrict "Dieter" Franklin Gunderson

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Deidrict Franklin Gunderson
ResidenceThe Inelegant Truth
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesDieter
OccupationEngineer, The Inelegant Truth
ChildrenCynthia Gunderson (daughter)

Primary Writer: Herr Bad Moon

Mundane Attributes

  • It's not working? Weld it: Was a ship's engineer a long time ago, which means most of his plans consist of quick fixes and kitbashes till he can get a real engineer to look at them.
  • Get off my boat! As the former owner, Dieter takes a possessive interest in the Truth and knows her inside and out. He currently runs the engine room.
  • Know when to fold them: Is a fair to poor card player with an inflated sense of how good he is.

'Wavium Abilities

None at the moment. It's only a matter of time though, the amount of time he spends around it.


  • Hate is my business: Even before he lost his boat, was a surly cuss to everybody. Dieter Gunderson hates everyone on board except his daughter Cynthia, and only stays on because he can't bear to see his beloved ship captained into an asteroid by some punk suburbanite kid who never had to really work for a living. So he sits in the engine room or the cargo hold, tinkering with various hardtech fixes. But even there, when he can almost forget he's not hurtling through the vacuum of space, he still hates everyone. So very much.
  • Really, Ballard? Hahahahaha! Is a Scandinavian crab fisher, so too many superstitions to count.
  • Pain will be your teacher: Though he loves his daughter, he was not a particularly loving father and is dismayed she has seemingly abandoned fishing to go to med school. Not too happy she's back though either.

Preferred Transport

The Inelegant Truth