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Spacecraft Registry
ISS Delphinus
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullDerelict Luxury Motor Yacht, approx 40m long (but see Vehicle Quirk:Tardis)
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters ("Moonstone" Engine)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.075c, burn 0.09c
OwnerFloating Island Pte Ltd
Flag of RecordThe Island
FactionThe Island
Registry NumberISS-SOA-1
PurposeCargo & passenger ship
Primary CrewVaries between runs:
Ecco (Ship's AI) as pilot
One or more station staff as crew
Fisherbots as deckhands
Operational StatusActive
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(Created by Aaron “Acyl” Choo Yilun)

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Tardis: It’s not obvious, but there seems to be more space inside the Delphinus than there should be. Attempts at concrete measurements usually fail, so nobody’s really certain. Eric insists TV and movie ship scales are never accurate anyway, so what’s the harm?
  • Star Destroyer: Despite being only 40m long (kinda, see above), and a glorified transport... the Delphinus thinks she’s a capital warship. She has a little conning tower and everything.
  • R2DWho?: The ship’s AI, “Ecco,” communicates entirely in whistles, squeaks, and other dolphin sounds. Somehow, all crewmembers understand this perfectly. Outsiders and passengers are left mystified, though.
  • Flying Fish: The port and starboard sides of the Delphinus both have a large cartoon dolphin painted on them. Well, actually it isn’t paint. The ’wavium hull coating reshaped itself, apparently on its own accord.


  • DHL: The ISS Delphinus is the Island’s primary cargo vessel. She makes regular runs between Earth and the Island, ferrying supplies and passengers. Food and merchandise for the stores, tourists, etc.
  • Any Landing You Can Walk Away From: Island staffer Katie Lee is allowed to serve as Captain for Delphinus missions, but she is no longer allowed to override Ecco and pilot. Any further damages, diplomatic incidents, and bail money will be docked from her paycheck.
  • Moonstone Cannon, Fire! The ISS Delphinus is lightly armed for self-defense: a small naval gun sealed for space, plus modified ammo. Weapon is very lightly ’waved, mostly for structural integrity. Katie is not allowed to operate this either.