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Places in Fenspace
4017 Disneya
Disney's world.jpg
Planetary characteristics
Orbit42,164 km from Earth (geosynchronous orbit)
GovernmentCorporate State (Disney Corporation)
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It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

—Walt Disney

4017 Disneya was a Main Belt Asteroid discovered on February 21, 1980. It was named after Walt Disney.

The Disney Corporation hired Rockhounds to tow "their" asteroid out of the Main Belt and park it in geosynchronous orbit above 158°W (midway between Orlando and Tokyo). The company renamed it Disney's World, rebuilt it into a Cole habitat with Mouse ears, and turned it into a space-based version of their Earthbound theme parks.

The name is literal; Disney doesn't make space on "The Happiest Place Off Earth" available to other companies. It's much like the company's ground-based parks, although the Space Mountain ride has been replaced with a zero-g playroom.

The theme park at Disney's World uses no handwavium at all, and the remainder of the habitat uses as little as possible. This lets them use the slogan "All of the Magic, None of the Danger!" However, the animatronics (while as good as any at the other Disney parks) are nowhere near as good as those at other Fenspace theme parks (which use AI animatronics, almost all designed by the ubiquitous Vulpine Fury).