Dr. Asmodeus Grey

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Asmodeus Grey
Asmodeus Grey.png
Known forInventor of the Catgirling Machine

Open Character / Super-Scientist, Transhumanist, and Evil Genius

Dr. Asmodeus Grey[1] is a discredited Supers-faction Fan who created the first Catgirling Machine while trying to replicate Wolverine's "adamantium" skeleton. In typical "supervillain" fashion, he went somewhere isolated, making himself easy prey for some of the early raids. The Boskonians who intended to steal his device never expected Dr. Grey to volunteer to join them... and they definitely didn't expect him to be running their group within three months.

He was believed dead at the end of the Boskone War until the records from Boskone Prime were cracked; his current whereabouts are unknown. Dr. Grey is the only individual listed on the Space Patrol's "Most Wanted" list - he is wanted alive, despite calls for his immediate execution, on the off chance that he knows a way to reverse the effects of the Catgirling Machines.

Known Associates

Before Dr. Grey "went bad," he was known to have worked with Vulpine Fury,[2] Arthur Nkomo and a few other First Fen and early Fen on some projects of mutual interest... including the founding of the Kandor City Police Department.

Once it became known that Dr. Grey had the Boskonian mindset, he severed those connections and created a new circle of advisers and muscle around himself. Boskonians known to be in his sphere of influence (to a greater or lesser degree) include Profeta, La Mariposa, and EMPath.


  1. Only his very closest friends get to call him "Azzy."
  2. Some people think that Vulpine Fury is the Jekyll to Asmodeus Grey's Hyde. The theory's utter poppycock, but it does float around.