Dragon Wagon

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Spacecraft Registry
Dragon Wagon
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullModified Bullit Green '03 Ford F-250 Superduty
Drive TypeSpeed: Exhaust-Jet.
Drive Rating.05c
Armament9000lbs of American Steel.
Primary ManufacturerFord Motor Company
OwnerFord Sierra
Flag of RecordMarsbase Sara
Registry NumberBRD-529
PurposeDo-it-all vehicle
Primary CrewUp to 4
Other Crewnone
Operational StatusActive
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The Dragon Wagon was purchased by Ford Sierra second hand after the loss of her first spacecraft. It's a waved Bullit Green Ford '03 F-250 Superduty, equipped with a modular rear bay. It can be equipped to carry cargo, people or towing equipment for Ford's salvage business. Otherwise, the truck is pretty unremarkable as far as Fen vehicles goes. It's a work vehicle, nothing more. One day it can be towing a broken down fencar, while the next having a pair of bounty-heads tied up in back for delivery to the Space Patrol.

It's sole achievement of note is acting as an emergency evacuation transport during the attack on SerenityCon. It's driver made repeated runs between the convention venue and Gnarlycurl under Boskone guns.


Do it all: Modular cargo-area, capable of being fitted with towing equipment, storing tools, a basic cramped living compartment or for prisoner transport.

Road Ready: Still has the full road drivetrain, and can drive and carry and tow loads up to the manufacturer's rating.

Ramming Speed: Crashbars on the front, coupled with the truck's mass and velocity, are the spacecraft's only weapons.

Brotherhood of the left foot: It's a manual. It still needs to be driven as a manual.[1]

Rasputin's ride: Has been shot up multiple times, crashed, rammed, car-chased, cracked frame parts, suffered stuck injectors, careless cyborgs, broken suspension, corrosion, snapped driveshafts and catastrophic engine failure. Has always either been easily repairable, or repaired anyway because of immediate necessity. It refuses to stay dead or mothballed. [2]

Millions of Miles and I need time to rest: Now considereably second hand in condition, appearance and feel. Its replacement wass the Outlaw Class Dragon Wagon II.[3]


American Iron: Navigation, speedometer, near every system aboard uses American customary units.... frustratingly so at times.[4]

Bullit Head: Loves car-chases. Loves bouncing over things.[5]

Rollin' Coal: With the speed drive engaged at full power, the exhausts belch smoke and occasional flames at full throttle. [6]

Powerjoker: The powerstroke diesel engine needs a good joke first thing in the morning to start every workday, preferably without re-using the same joke twice in a month.

Super-Duty: Tough.

Willin' to be movin': Towing a big load always goes better when the pilot sings along with a copy of Linda Ronstadt's cover of Willin' . It goes even better if someone aboard the towed object joins in in unison over the radio.[7]


Has appeared in:

  1. Yes it can still stall in space
  2. When the Earth, the Moon and the Sun are gone, the Dragon Wagon will remain. It will be eternal proof of mankind's existance.
  3. Which it managed to out-last, after the DWII hit a UFO on re-entry to Earth
  4. There's a sticker with basic conversions somewhere in the cab
  5. Ford removed the Dixie horn. She has taste.
  6. Ford blames the first owner for it... he was an unabashed redneck
  7. Something else that can also be blamed on the original owner.