Duane E. Peters

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Duane E. Peters
ResidenceAdmiral Heinlein
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipHeinlein Society
PartnerJune Waterman

Primary writer: Duane E. Peters ... what, it's *supposed* to be a self-insert, right? [grin]

Duane E. Peters is the only person known to have gotten drunk on “fermented” Handwavium, due to an accident with the old pressure cooker he was breeding it in. He spent a week he still doesn’t remember drunk out of his mind on the stuff, and ended up with mathematical abilities to make Reed Richards cry, a massive three-day-Tiajuana-drunk-on-cheap-tequilla hangover... and a Black Box he doesn’t remember building.

Mundane attributes

  • Don't you DARE eat that! Diabetic, type II, insulin-dependent. Currently controlled with Avandia/metformin/diet.
  • What's a nice belly like yours doing on a divan like this? Badly overweight couch potato.
  • Huh, huh, huh, he said "wood"... Trained woodworker (not carpenter, not cabinetmaker). Was planning a career working RenFests and Cons when the 'Wave first came on the scene...
  • You're like a brother to me, I think I could tell you anything... Never taken seriously in a romantic manner by women. Has had this problem so long, he's named it "Teddybear Syndrome (TM)".

'Wavium effects

  • Shomebody get me *hic* anodder glass and 50 meters of #10 copper wire... Allergic to ingested 'Wavium. Effects simulate being very, very drunk.
  • Well, judging from that trajectory and speed...**Duck!** Wavium biomod. Manifested in GURPS advantages Lightning Calculator and Mathematical Ability, second-level. Can calculate six-dimensional non-Euclidian trajectories in his head. No apparent physical changes that he's noticed, but he hasn't been in for a MRI recently...


  • Bangbangbangbangbang Single Action Shooting Society member. Participates in Cowboy Action shooting. Class III FFL holder; has a fairly extensive collection of firearms.
  • The government that governs least governs best Card-carrying Libertarian.
  • I'm a belt-and-suspenders man... Doesn't trust Handwavium and dislikes induced qiurks in constructed devices. The Bus irritates him on so many levels, it's a wonder he can pilot it at all. Refuses to depend on 'Wavium if there's a hard-tech method of doing something.
  • Prithee, my fair flower, wouldst thou care for a pavanne? Renaissance Festival participant in various capacities for over 25 years at the time of the story. (18 years at Kansas City Renaissance Festival as of 2007 IRL...)

Preferred Transport

The Admiral Heinlein