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Spacecraft Registry
FPVX-1169 Flying Egg "Flegg"
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom design
Length11m / 36 ft
Width14m / 46 ft
Height4.5m / 15 ft
Drive Type"Chicken"
Drive RatingPeak velocity 0.1 - 0.2c
Primary ManufacturerUnknown
OwnerAnthony Esposito
Flag of RecordFenspace Confederation
Registry NumberFPVX-1169
Purposepassenger & freight transport
Primary Crew2 (pilot, copilot)
Murphy Murphy
Julian Friez
Operational StatusActive
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In keeping with Don Anthony's desire to keep his private life private, no one really knows how the Flying Egg and its bigger cousin Quackerjack came into Don Anthony's possession, but it is assumed that whoever built them eventually surrendered them to the Don to repay a debt of some sort. Now the Quackerjack serves as Don Anthonty's personal transport and traveling villa in space while the Flying Egg (or "FLEGG" as its is registered) is frequently used by the Don's minions when a ship is required, usually with a crew of 2: Murphy Murphy and one of the many Julians serving as co-pilot/guy who keeps the drive happy.

Known Vehicle Quirks:

WHICH WAY IS UP? -- Although the chicken drive generates artificial gravity, Down is defined as a plane running along the XY axis of the vehicle except for the cockpit area and the drive room... Unless the drive 'Goes Chicken', in which case down in ALL spaces suddenly aligns to a ray running from the bow of the vessel out through the 'drive port'. This has lead to the internal floorplan being totally re arranged so that the 'living spaces' are on the 'bottom' deck, where the inverted gravity is of lesser import while cargo is above, allowing cargo to be handled without having to move it through one or more zones of shifting gravitic force.

You want FREIZ with that? -- It takes a Julian Freiz to understand the inner workings of the drive and keep it in top shape. If anyone else works on it, drive performance degrades by 1% for each time someone other that Julian works on it until such time as a Julian 'gets it back into shape', It also degrades 1% of performance per month that a Julian doesn't tinker with it.

Hands on the wheel buddy! -- Although the autopilot should be capable of unsupervised operations, attempting to do so has always become problematic. As long as there is a conscious person in the cockpit checking things from time to time, everything is fine. Fall asleep or leave for more than a few minutes however... The control 'panels' were meant to be completely programmable and configurable to allow anyone to fly the ship easily. Unfortunately this sheer flexibility means it can take considerable time to configure and arrange various controls and displays for maximum pilot performance.

I'm CHICKEN: In addition to the previously noted quirks, Drive performance is also related to perceived threats to the vessel. Under normal conditions, the chicken drive's peak performance is unremarkable. Threaten it, and drive performance and maneuverability radically increases, but ONLY in directions that take the FLEGG away from the threat. Attempting to turn towards a threat of some type will actually cause performance and maneuverability to degrade instead; it is believed that if the FLEGG ever was en-globed by threats the drive might just pack it up and fail completely in a state of complete terror.