Famous Call-signs in Fenspace

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While anyone can call themselves anything over communications channels in Fenspace, some names are so well-known that use of them by anyone other than their usual owners is considered "identity fraud" by most factions.

20 Famous Fen Call-signs
Call-sign Associated Person Notes
Bad Moon Jonathon Helscher
Black Rider Benjamin Rhodes Originally Ben's call-sign, later to become that of the Sky Captain of the Roughriders.
Blue Rider Jessica 'Jess' Ayanami Originally Jess's call-sign until she retired and passed on her position to her successor.
Brown Leader Bronwyn Ffoulkes Bronwyn during her tenure as a wing commander.
Dark Mist Kasumi
Full Byte Frederic Ferdinand From his Blue Blazer Irregular number, 255
Hound Johnathan Mulder From his oft-repeated insistence "Don't call me 'Fox'!"
Kinnison classified Official call-sign for the leader of the Space Patrol Section 4: Organized Crime Unit
Kusanagi classified Call-sign for the leader of the Space Patrol Section 9: Deniable Operations Unit
Mama Bear Yayoi Fujisawa
Nanoha varies Official call-sign for the leader of the Space Patrol Section 6: Fen Extra-vehicular Special Weapons and Tactics Unit
Nemo varies Official call-sign for the leader of the Submariners
The Paper Yomiko Readman The one attached to StellviaCorp, not the one involved in the Alexandria Archive
Pyrotechie Kohran Li
Red Knight A.C. Peters
Red Rider Regina Langely-Rhodes Gina's call-sign, until she and Benjamin retired and it was passed on to the position of the ground-forces commander, the Field Martial.
Sailor Atalante Anika Springfield A rare case of a title being used as a call-sign. At six syllables, the longest call-sign in Fenspace[1]
Scales Nikodemus Riddle
Taichou Haruhi Suzumiya Official call-sign for the Supreme Commander of Operation Great Justice, later the official call-sign for the figurehead of OGJ because it had become so strongly associated with Suzumiya-san
Visionaire Lebia Maverick


  1. And Anika keeps getting asked to change it for something shorter to say.